I am currently trying to get this display, and i can't figure out if a package is needed for it or anything? enter image description here

Also, i don't know the word for this in english, so how to i do this so that i add these at the end of each page for a reference? enter image description here

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    ...by "these" are you referring to the rule/line or the number-and-text or both? What does the number represent... the page number? – Werner Feb 23 at 16:48
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    i dont know what they are called, but im talking about adding a little "1" in the text, and if i click on it it sends me to the bottom of the pages with the text corresponding to "1", as appears in the second picture – needle Feb 23 at 16:50
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    It's a footnote, "note de bas de page", in French ;) tuteurs.ens.fr/logiciels/latex/footnote.html – SebGlav Feb 23 at 17:08
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    @SebGlav thank you i couldn't find the english word, this helps me out a lot! – needle Feb 23 at 17:10
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    @needle: For reference, this question is poorly constructed as the title provides no context and the pictures don't even tell the whole story. It also shows no research effort. – Werner Feb 23 at 17:45

For the first question, try


For the second, you should only ask one thing per question asked.

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    noted i will no longer ask multiple questions as one. But can you still help me out for the second one? – needle Feb 23 at 16:34
  • See my comment on OP. – SebGlav Feb 23 at 17:10

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