How to fill all the left margin under headspace in Friggeri example with let's say lightgray.

The link : Implement Friggeri in ConTeXt

I add this to \setupmarginblock :

before={ \startframed[background=color,framecolor=gray, backgroundcolor=gray, width=\dimexpr \leftmarginwidth+\leftedgewidth+\leftedgedistance+\edgedistance\relax,
 height=\dimexpr\textheight+\bottomdistance+\footerdistance\relax]},after={\stopframed }

I can use TikZ ,but I know it is not recommended to do so for portability.

Thank you in advance

  • There is nothing wrong with using tikz inside context. 99.9% of Tikz macros work in context as well. You get a slight speed penalty but that wouldn't matter for a small doc like a CV – Aditya yesterday

You could abuse the layer mechanism and include an empty \framed. More info on layout and layers pages of ConTeXt Garden.


%Comment/remove this in the original format
%  [page]
%  [background=pagebackground]


enter image description here

  • I defined a layer with the same options, but I thought it was wrong. I didn't know you could add both layers. Thanks (for the third time) 🙂. I accept your answer. – Aviroum 2 days ago

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