I am using the unicode-math package and I am loading the STIX2 math font as following

  Path = Fonts/STIX2Math/,
  Scale = 1.1

My problem is that I can't find in the documentation of the unicode-math package anything regarding the available options I can use with the \setmathfont command like the Path and Scale.

I found the options I already use online but I can't find any other information about options in general to the point that if the command wasn't working for me right now, I would be almost certain those options were not available. Where can I find further information?

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    Those are documented in the Fontspec manual. Generally, the capitalized options like Scale= are Fontspec options, and lowercase options are Unicode-Math options. – Davislor Feb 25 at 2:08
  • In this case, you almost certainly do not want Path=, as STIX2Math.otf is already available in every TeX distribution and should be found automatically. The exception would be if you wanted to archive a specific version. A Scale= option should almost always be Scale=MatchLowercase (if you’re mostly using letters like x and y) or Scale=MatchUppercase (if you’re mostly using tall math symbols like ℝ and 𝒮). – Davislor Feb 25 at 2:12
  • @Davislor Thank you for your reply! What unicode-math has to do with fontspec? Because I load all my fonts manually, I do know about the options of fontspec as they are well documented, but I don't see how these two packages are connected. I know that STIX2 are in the distribution but I was already loading it like that, and I generally prefer doing it manually. I face no problem with fonts but I was just wondering about the options. – Adam Feb 25 at 2:21
  • Unicode-Math is built on top of Fontspec and inherits all its options. I can see how someone not aware of that would get confused! – Davislor Feb 25 at 2:35
  • @Davislor That explains everything! Feel free to write that as an answer so to accept it. – Adam Feb 25 at 2:40

If you peruse it very carefully, section 4 of the unicode-math manual tells you, “Other fontspec features are also valid.” Easy to miss, but that’s where it’s documented. The unicode-math package is built on top of fontspec and inherits all of its options.

In general, uppercase options such as Scale= are fontspec options, and lowercase options such as range= and version= are unicode-math options.

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