I would like to hide the section number from the subsection. From this:

1 Section
  1.1 Subsection
   1.1.1 Subsubsection
   1.1.2 Subsubsection
  1.2 Subsection
   1.2.1 Subsubsection
   1.2.2 Subsubsection

To this:

1 Section
  1 Subsection
   1.1 Subsubsection
   1.2 Subsubsection
  2 Subsection
   2.1 Subsubsection
   2.2 Subsubsection

https://ibb.co/GvPn25z https://ibb.co/GvPn25z

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That is bad idea! How you will distinguish between section and subsection? Anyway, you can try:


\subsection{first subsection}
\subsubsection{first subsubsection}

enter image description here

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