What is the equivalent to \makebox[s] and \framebox[s] stretching text in ConTeXt.

For example :

\makebox[5cm][s]{some contents}

Not sure if ConTeXt has an interface for it, but with the \hbox primitive it's quite straightforward. If you need nice frames, wrap a \framed and voilà.

Edit: Wolfgang suggested align=paragraph, so I'll include it too.

%%% Low level
\hbox to 5cm{Some text}
\framed[offset=0cm]{\hbox to 5cm{Some more text}}
%%% Cleaner, better
\framed[width=5cm,align=paragraph,frame=off]{Some text}
\framed[width=5cm,align=paragraph]{Some text}

I searched the ConTeXt mailing list and found this post by Luigi Scarso. AFAIU, the following MWE solves your problem. The two first lines look like TeX solution to me — but I am no boxing wizard at all. I added two lines on my own, using ConTeXt \framed

\hbox to 4cm{\hsize=4cm\stretched{some text}}

\ruledhbox to 5cm{\hsize=5cm\stretched{to the limit}}


\framed[width=4cm]{\hsize=4cm\stretched{some text}}

\framed[width=4cm,frame=off]{\hsize=4cm\stretched{some text}}

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