I'm kinda new in TikZ, so question may sound stupid. How can I rotate the whole coordinate system? This is what I have (simple 3D coordinate system):

\begin{tikzpicture}[x=1cm, y=1cm, z=-0.6cm]
    % Axes
    \draw [<->] (-3,0,0) -- (12,0,0) node [at end, right] {$z$};
    \draw [<->] (0,-4,0) -- (0,4,0) node [at end, left] {$y$};
    \draw [<->] (0,0,2) -- (0,0,-4) node [at end, left] {$x$};

So, this is an output:

enter image description here

And, this is what I'm trying to represent (I'm talking only about coordinate system and how it rotated):

enter image description here

Any help will be appreciated.


Using this solution from Tom Bombadil, you can adjust each axis to give it the angle and aspect you want.



        x={(\xx cm,\xy cm)},
        y={(\yx cm,\yy cm)},
        z={(\zx cm,\zy cm)}
        % Axes
        \draw [<->] (-2,0,0) -- (2,0,0) node [at end, right] {$x$};
        \draw [<->] (0,-4,0) -- (0,4,0) node [at end, left] {$y$};
        \draw [<->] (0,0,-2) -- (0,0,6) node [at end, above] {$z$};


enter image description here

edit: I deleted two lines in the code that were redundant (copy fail).

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