How do I get a https tooltip for a URL without specifying it in the displayed text?

The following shows the right tooltip, but display https:// in the text:


These display the right text, but show http:// in the tooltip and also translate to a http:// scheme URL:


The behavior of the last example above was a bit surprising -- it ignores the https specified in the URL parameter.

Image of the above examples:

image of URL depictions

  • What PDF viewer are you using? – Werner Mar 2 at 3:53
  • Tried both Skim and Preview on a Mac. – user650654 Mar 2 at 4:12
  • the \href variant is correct, and if the pdf viewer really doesn't show the "s" it is a problem/a bug in the viewer, hyperref doesn't remove it. – Ulrike Fischer Mar 2 at 8:29

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