If a marginal note in KOMA-script is near the page end, KOMA-script just splits the note in whatever place it decides and moves the tail to the margin of the next page. For short notes it creates really confusing lines of text alone on the page.

I would rather prefer to shift the whole note up one line instead of splitting it, or let it spill a little bit below bottom text margin. Unfortunately, adding \vspace{-\baselineskip} to \makenote command doesn't help: it shifts only the content of the second page. See example below, it moved the second line above the first.

Any idea how to let the note spill down or shift it up in KOMA-script?

MWE (sorry for a lot of text):

enter image description here

\documentclass[12pt, oneside, paper = A4]{scrbook}



\setmainfont{Libertinus Serif}


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nulla. Curabitur auctor semper nulla. Donec varius orci eget risus. Duis nibh mi, congueeu, accumsan
eleifend, sagittis quis, diam. Duis eget orci sit amet orci dignissim rutrum.

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Curabitur et nunc. Aliquam dolorodio, commodo pretium, ultricies non, pharetra in, velit. Integer
\makenote{\vspace{-2\baselineskip}first line\\second line} arcu est, nonummy in, fermentum faucibus,
egestas vel, odio.

Sed commodo posuere pede. Mauris ut est. Ut quis purus. Sed ac odio. Sed vehiculahendrerit sem. Duis
non odio. Morbi ut dui. Sed accumsan risus eget odio. In hac habitasseplatea dictumst. Pellentesque
non elit. Fusce sed justo eu urna porta tincidunt. Mauris felisodio, sollicitudin sed, volutpat a,
ornare ac, erat. Morbi quis dolor. Donec pellentesque, eratac sagittis semper, nunc dui lobortis
purus, quis congue purus metus ultricies tellus. Proinet quam. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad
litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptoshymenaeos. Praesent sapien turpis, fermentum vel,
eleifend faucibus, vehicula eu, lacus.

  • put the text into something that can't break, e.g. \begin{tabular}{@{}l}first line\\second line\end{tabular} Commented Mar 4, 2021 at 9:18
  • @UlrikeFischer It's a nice workaround. It's just the behavior of KOMA-script in this case becomes unpredictable. Sometimes it leaves the whole comment on the first page, sometimes moves it to the second. So it requires manual tuning of each case individually. For the lack of anything else it will do at the final step of the editing. If reformatting occurs, all pages must be verified.
    – facetus
    Commented Mar 5, 2021 at 9:27
  • well the code simply splits the column, and it is as predicable as the way tex splits the main page. You could also try first line\\*second line. And perhaps one can add widowpenalty there. But in the end you always have to check page breaks if you want a good document, every automatism can go wrong. Commented Mar 5, 2021 at 9:36
  • What's wrong with following automatism: KOMA-script, please, always leave the whole note on the page where \makenote is, not just the first line?
    – facetus
    Commented Mar 5, 2021 at 16:42
  • the main point of scrlayer-notecolumn is to allow page breaks inside a note. If you don't want this, then using this package is pointless, then you can stick to \marginpar. Commented Mar 5, 2021 at 16:52

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I found a workaround. You need to add this to your preamble:

    contents = {%
        \textheight = 2\textheight%

notecolumn uses \textheight to judge if it should split the note box. The above code temporarily makes \textheight 2 times larger, preventing splitting ever to happen.

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