I have a command:


and another


They don't work with



  • Commands like \url change the catcode of % at execution and change back after they finish the job. Maybe you can do the same thing.
    – Symbol 1
    Mar 4 at 15:46

As @Symbol 1 suggested in a comment, changing the catcode of % before the argument is absorbed is essential. And then making sure it is changed back when done, is equally essential.

\newcommand{\code}{\catcode`\%=12 \codeaux}

Test% if these print or not

enter image description here

The alternative approach is to use grouping to negate the catcode change upon exit:

\newcommand{\code}{\begingroup\catcode`\%=12 \codeaux}

Test% if these print or not
  • 1
    it should be \newcommand\codeaux[1]{\endgroup\texttt{\detokenize{#1}}}. Your version doesn't close the group. Mar 4 at 16:04
  • Should there be an \endgroup in codeaux? If so, the change back is unnecessary. Also, why not simply use \verb".."? Mar 4 at 16:07
  • @HerbSchulz Yes, thanks. Mar 4 at 16:10
  • @UlrikeFischer yes, will fix Mar 4 at 16:10
  • So is this then the response to the first part of my question: ```\newcommand{\help}[2]{\href{rdocumentation.org/packages/#1/functions/#2}{\code{?}\code{#2}}}}``
    – mk9y
    Mar 5 at 1:35

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