I am using the Conferance Latex Format, you may see the detail formating code on this given link. I want to insert a table in the double-column format. Here is the content I want to format in the latex enter image description here

I made some basic code for it but the output visualization is quite small. Here is the output of Latex code enter image description here

Please see Table1.

This is the code for the table:

\caption{hello2 testing}

    \text{Name}        & \text{Reference}       & \text{S/A}       & \text{Advantages}  & \text{Disadvantages}   & API  \\
 Abcde (abcc) & 43,50 & S & There is value in the demanding of high data & It do not thing any thing you can make better & Abbccc & Python, C++ \\
 69.8\pm 9.5 & 93.6\pm 3.6 & 86.9\pm 8.4 & 91.5\pm 4.5 & 94.9\pm 5.4 \\
97.0\pm 2.9 & 99.2\pm 1.8 & 99.6\pm 1.4 & 98.3\pm 2.9 & 99.6\pm 1.4 \\
97.8\pm 3.1 & 95.3\pm 3.1 & 96.2\pm 2.5 & 92.4\pm 3.3 & 97.5\pm 3.0 \\
77.5\pm 7.2 & 90.2\pm 4.1 & 90.2\pm 5.7 & 88.1\pm 4.8 & 91.6\pm 4.9 \\
 88.0      & 95.1      & 94.1      & 93.5      & 96.5 \\
  • I believe you know the drill: Don't just post an image; please do also show the code that gives rise to the issue you wish to fix. In particular, it's absolutely essential that you inform us about the document class you employ and about the code that generates the tables. Why is it essential? Because, sadly, nobody who frequents this site seems to have reliable psychic divination powers. Thus, unless you tell us exactly what it is you've done so far, the chances that anyone will be able to guess it correctly for you are vanishingly small.
    – Mico
    Mar 5 at 16:10
  • 2
    never use \resizebox on tables (your image shows why!) put your long headings in a parbox or nested tabular so they are not on one line, and if necessary use table* so it spans over both columns, Mar 5 at 17:31
  • 2
    your example is still incomplete you are requiring that people guess a preamble to make it work, examples are always best if they start \documentclass and end \end{document} (you can use article class for the example even if using a specific class in the real document Mar 5 at 17:33
  • 1
    No it should be a self contained small example in the question. Mar 5 at 18:16
  • 1
    But this is essentially a duplicate of tex.stackexchange.com/q/332902/1090 Mar 5 at 18:17


You need to be aware that the members of this site are volunteers. They answer on questions in their spare time. In order to be able to answer as many questions as possible, it is normal that that they expect that the questions are clear and comprehensible, that they do not need to search the web for data known to asker etc., that the questions contain MWE (Minimal Working Example, a small but a complete compilable document) that reproduces the problem of interest.

So be so kind, and provide in your question all what you asked in comment. If you not do so, we can only guess about some information, which are essential ion preparation of answer.- For example, the following example, is based in guessing:


IN MWE below is assumed, that your document has two columns.

  • In such document for table, which span both columns you should use table* environment.
  • Some table cells has very long text. For it is sensible to use column type which breaks text into multiple lines. Example of such column tapes are p{<column width>}, or X and its derivatives from tabularx table environment (as is selected in MWE below).
  • Numbers in tale can be simply and concise to write by employing siunitx package.
\usepackage{booktabs, tabularx}
\usepackage{stfloats} % for positioning of figure* on the same page


\caption{hello2 testing}
\begin{tabularx}{\linewidth}{l *{5}{S[table-format=2.1(2),
    &   \mcC{Reference}  
                &   \mcC{S/A}    
                        &   \mcC{Advantages}
                                    &   \mcC{Disadvantages}
                                                &   \mcC{API}               \\
Abcde (abcc) 
    &   43,50   &   \mcL{There is value in the demanding of high data}
                            &   \mcL{It do not thing any thing you can make better}
                                        &   \mcC{Abbccc}
                                                    &   \mcC{Python, C++}   \\
B   & 69.8(95)  & 93.6(36)  & 86.9(84)  & 91.5(45)   & 94.9(54)  \\
C   & 97.0(29)  & 99.2(18)  & 99.6(14)  & 98.3(29)  & 99.6(14)  \\
D   & 97.8(31)  & 95.3(31)  & 96.2(25)  & 92.4(33)  & 97.5(30)  \\
E   & 77.5(72)  & 90.2(41)  & 90.2(57)  & 88.1(48)  & 91.6(49)  \\
F   & {88.0}    & {95.1}    & {94.1}    & {93.5}    & {96.5}    \\

It gives:

enter image description here

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