How I can redefine the command \pdfoutput=1 to be ignored?

I need to compile a file with lualatex (see https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/586129/33634) but it contains the command \pdfoutput=1. I cannot make changes to the file so I thought I can redefine it at some point. Maybe with \AtBeginDocument or with etoolbox's \AtEndPreamble passing it to the engine.

How can I achieve it?

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    \newcount\pdfoutput somewhere before the command should work. – Ulrike Fischer Mar 6 at 22:12

It is a counter variable (primitive, but still), so


should do. That's not a great idea though, because some code may use that to check if pdfTeX is being used and the test will give a false positive.

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    tests relying on it are bound to break anyway, e.g. if luatex85 is loaded, so imho one doesn't need to worry about it. – Ulrike Fischer Mar 6 at 22:14
  • @UlrikeFischer Curiously there are lots of \ifx\pdfoutput\@undefined and such in my installation (surely, most are likely fine, but there are a few that can be problematic). Probably the value of \pdfoutput (in an engine that doesn't have it) is more important than it existing or not... Anyway, just rambling :) – Phelype Oleinik Mar 6 at 22:20
  • It works. Thanks. Works also with \pdfminorversion. – Gabriele Nicolardi Mar 6 at 22:25
  • @GabrieleNicolardi Yes, all are count registers (you can do \<register>=<number>) so will work in the same way. If you have some dimension register, for example \pdfpagewidth, you can use \newdimen instead – Phelype Oleinik Mar 6 at 22:30

If you compile from the command line,

lualatex "\let\pdfoutput\outputmode\input filename"

will do.

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