I am trying to remove the spacing before the chapter. I have found several solutions using titlesec. Whenever I use such solutions I get errors of missing numbers and illegal units of measures for \section.

Since I am just working myself into using LaTeX I don't have a good understanding about the packages and how they affect each other.

This is what I have tried




% this isn't working


So what is a good way to reduce the spacing before the chapters?

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    Off topic: Load hyperref after your other packages. \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc is not needed with an uptodate TeX distribution. Do not change \parskip and \parindent manually. You could use KOMA-Script option parskip=half or \parskip=half- or \parskip=full. – esdd Mar 8 at 10:57

titlesec is incompatible with KOMA-classes (like scrreprt you're using), but you can adjust the spacing with \RedeclareSectionCommand instead:

\RedeclareSectionCommand[beforeskip = 0pt,afterindent=false]{chapter}

For a more detailed explanation on how to change chapter/section formats, have a look at section 21.8. of the KOMA manual (en de).

  • Thank you, I'll read the documentation, works like a charm, Upvote will come soon :) – Thomas Christopher Davies Mar 8 at 10:48
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    Alternatively, you could stick with titlesec and not use scrreprt instead. – chsk Mar 8 at 10:48

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