I am using overleaf and I am getting the error : undefined control sequence

on the line:

\cvproject{Acoustic Echo Cancellation}

Please advise

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    Hi Yaso, undefined control sequence basically means LaTeX has encountered something it doesn't know. Without more information it is hard to help you. Please create a MWE which includes your preamble (everything before \begin{document}. Since \cvproject is not a LaTeX macro I assume that you thought it was being loaded by some package so make sure you load that package.
    – Willoughby
    Mar 9 at 18:40
  • i removed the \cvproject problem solved i used the regular \cvsection with items instead
    – Yaso
    Mar 10 at 21:12

I removed the \cvproject, problem solved. I used the regular \cvsection with items instead

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