I want to create a slide with latex beamer that lets appear 2 or more video's one at a time, such that

  • when I press space a 1st time, the 1st video appears and starts to play automatically
  • when I press space a 2nd time, the 2nd video appears next to the 1st one and starts to play automatically. The 1st video is continuing playing as if I hadn't touch any button
  • etc.

The issue is similar to Beamer: animate package and overlay . However, when using the javascript provided in this answer together with the 'autoplay' option of the \animate command, all previous video's restart each time a new video appears.

Any suggestions to resolve this problem? Possibly answering one of the questions below resolves it.

Is there a way to invoke the start of a video in animate with a single latex code snippet, something like the following?

  start playing the video that appears

Is an adaption of the javascript at Beamer: animate package and overlay possible? (I cannot write javascript)

Are other beamer packages for latex beamer more appropriate to get this working properly?

  • The package for the inclusion of videos is media9 of @AlexG – vi pa Mar 11 at 13:17
  • Thanks for this alternative. However, I do not succeed to play video's from a media9-generated pdf, neither with acrobat-reader for linux nor windows. I used the 2nd example from tex.stackexchange.com/questions/345431/… for this test. – Josja Mar 12 at 9:21

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