I am trying to refer to figure number with its reference like below... can anyone help me with this?

Figure                   … as illustrated in [5, Fig. 1]

Table                     … is presented in [5, Tab. 3]

Equation              … as seen in [5, eq. (2)]

for more to see check out this link https://libraryguides.vu.edu.au/ieeereferencing/figurestablesequations

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Maybe I am misinterpreting what you want, but it appears that what you want is as simple as:


See \cite[Figure~1]{Einstein:1905ve}, 
see \cite[page~11]{Einstein:1905cc},
see \cite[Equation~(2)]{Einstein:1912bi}.


\textit{On the electrodynamics of moving bodies},
Annalen Phys.\ \textbf{17}, 891-921 (1905)

\textit{Concerning an heuristic point of view toward the emission and
transformation of light},
Annalen Phys.\ \textbf{17}, 132-148 (1905)

\textit{The Speed of Light and the Statics of the Gravitational Field},
Annalen Phys.\ \textbf{38}, 355-369 (1912)

enter image description here

  • Thank you so much... This is excatly i needed... For my report I have just added the reference of the figure like below. \cite[Figure \ref{fig:structure}]{Einstein:1905ve} Mar 12, 2021 at 15:22

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