How can I customize the header to have \author, the \title and the \date in the header and underline it?

Since I use a Koma Script document class I want to avoid the fancyhdr package and use scrlayer-scrpage. I have tried \chead{\title \author \date} but it does not change maybe due to the automark option in \usepackage[automark]{scrlayer-scrpage}. I want the header to be on every page except the title page and list of contents.

So in fancyhdr the code would be:


\fancyhead[LE,RO]{Lady Gaga: Test}

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Here is how you could 'translate' your fancyhdr into scrlayer-scrpage:



\ohead{Lady Gaga: Test}

% If you want to change the font/shape etc.:
%   \setkomafont{pageheadfoot}{...}
%   \setkomafont{pagenumber}{...}


If you want to automate the author/title insertion, you could add

\author{Lady Gaga}

\ohead{\theauthor: \thetitle}

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