I want to add my school logo to the education section. This is the Overleaf template I'm using. https://www.overleaf.com/latex/templates/a-customised-curve-cv/mvmbhkwsnmwv

I tried adding \includegraphics in the education.tex file.


\entry*[2009 -- 2013]%
    \textbf{Ph.D., Unseen University} High Energy Magic.
    \par Thesis title: \emph{Low-Cost Mana Generation in Under-Resouced Evironments.}
\entry*[2003 -- 2006]%
    \textbf{M.Sc.~Computer Science, Unseen} in High Energy Magic.\par
    Thesis title: \emph{Applying ant algorithms in automatic design of novel magic charms}.

It came out like this:

enter image description here

Obviously, this looks super weird. I don't know how to move the logo to the left or the right.

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To insert your school logo you need to do two things:

  1. Add the package multirow in the preamble.

    \RequirePackage{multirow} %<<<<<<<<<<<< added
     % Change the fonts if you want
  2. Replace the original file education.tex for this one:

         \newcommand{\marker}{ \hspace*{1.2em}\relscale{.9}\color{MarkerColour!80!black}\faBookmark}
         \newcommand{\unilogo}{\includegraphics[width=50pt]{example-grid-100x100pt}} % <<<<<<<<<<<<  scholl /uni logo here
         \newcommand{\titleii}{% title PhD <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
             \textbf{Ph.D. Unseen University} in High Energy Magic.
                         Thesis title: \emph{Low-Cost Manual Generation in Under-Resourced Environments.}
         \newcommand{\titlei}{% title MSc  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         \textbf{M.Sc.~Computer Science, Unseen} in High Energy Magic. 
         Thesis title:  \emph{Applying new algorithms in automatic}  \emph{design of novel magic charms.}
         \begin{tabular}{@{}l @{}p{15pt} >{\raggedright\arraybackslash}p{4in} r}
             2009 -- 2013    &\marker    & \titleii  & \multirow{4}{*}{\unilogo}     \\
             2003 -- 2006    &\marker    & \titlei   &                               \\          

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