In physics, it's sometimes useful to draw an arrow over a letter to represent the torch around that point. I've seen this in multiple textbooks and would like to know how to do it myself in \LaTeX documents. Anyone who knows a solution for this?

Note that this isn't just about putting a \curverarrow above a letter, but surrounding the letter by the curved arrow like in the picture I attached below.

Thanks in advance for the help and have a good day :)

enter image description here


You could use \curvearrowleft from AMS Symbols, e.g.:


\newcommand{\curvearrow}[1]{\ooalign{\kern1pt \ensuremath{#1}\cr\hidewidth\raise.8ex\hbox{$\curvearrowleft$}\hidewidth}}


$\curvearrow{a}, \curvearrow{b}, \curvearrow{c}$


enter image description here

Perhaps you have to tweak the distances, e.g. to cover capital letters.

  • I like the simplicity here, keeping the \usepackage count low. It doesn't match the exact look but certainly solves the crux of the problem :) – StiggyStardust Mar 17 at 17:35

Not sure if this looks too appealing but maybe this goes in the right direction.

abc $\OverCurveArrowRight{A}$ $\OverCurveArrowLeft{A}$ 

enter image description here

  • I like very much your approach. – Sebastiano Mar 15 at 20:54
  • Some of them seem to go in the left direction, though. – Pål GD Mar 15 at 21:22
  • @PålGD You have to look at those from the back. – user237299 Mar 15 at 21:40
  • This is very good in the output, and if the looks are a priority I would pick this because it's open for quality customization. :) – StiggyStardust Mar 17 at 17:38

Something like this, with the \nccircle command from pst-node?



    $\psDefBoxNodes{A}{A}\nccircle[nodesep =5pt]{->}{A:bC}{0.6em}$%


enter image description here

  • Very nice use of pst-node indeed. Putting this within a \newcommand and this would be a very easy method to implement. – StiggyStardust Mar 17 at 17:39

Starting from the code of the answer of the user @egreg in this question How to write a character overlapping another character I have adapted this using the packages graphicx, scalerel to have a little big arrow and to rotate the symbol \circlearrowleft of 170 degrees (for example).




enter image description here

  • 1
    Thanks for linking to the how to overlap a character, together with your example that's very good for understanding. – StiggyStardust Mar 17 at 17:40
  • 1
    @StiggyStardust You're welcome...and I hope to help you :-) – Sebastiano Mar 18 at 21:45

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