I am trying to make a presentation in beamer and there are parts where before starting a new section I would like their names to appear highlighted, for example like the title page (image bellow), but withou author name, date and institute. enter image description here

I used it \frame{\sectionpage} for a frame of the section page. This is what I got.

enter image description here

But still appears "Section 1" and I want to take it of to only appear my section title, for exemple "Conceitos Introdutórios". Note: Every time I try to do a new section page it will appear "Section" followed by it's section number, it's not exclusive for the first one.

This is my code:

        \graphicspath{ {./images/} }
        \RequirePackage{ragged2e} \addtobeamertemplate{block
        begin}{}{\justifying} \justifying
        \author[Miguel Godinho]{Miguel Godinho}
        \title[Relatividade Restrita]{\LARGE{Relatividade Restrita} \\ \large{Pensamento Relativístico}}
        \institute[Universidade do Minho]{Universidade do Minho}
%frame title
        \section{Conceitos Introdutórios}
        %frame section

So how can I take off "section "X""?

PS: I already did make this question but I changed so much and it was closed because it was not clear enough. I changed again and posting again (deleting the other one). Hope that's okay and hope it is more clear now.

Edit: I already tried to make a different default with a \setbeamertemplete :

    \setbeamertemplate{section page}

And the "section X" disappeared but it changed a lot of the box of the section title: enter image description here

  • The beamer template controlling the appearance is section page (with space), not sectionpage.
    – campa
    Mar 15, 2021 at 12:37
  • @campa I changed it, hope it's more clear now
    – Miguel
    Mar 15, 2021 at 12:53

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I found out the answer. If I use this \setbeamertemplate{section page}:

\setbeamertemplate{section page}{  \begingroup    \centering     \begin{beamercolorbox}[sep=12pt,center,colsep=-4bp,rounded=true,shadow=true]{section title}       \usebeamerfont{section title}\insertsection\par     \end{beamercolorbox}   \endgroup }

I got what I want: enter image description here

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