I'm working on an scrartcl which consists of several sections, all of them in separate files.

Now I want to use the same source files also in a part (not a chapter) of a scrbook.

In this second scenario, by including the sections from the article into the part of the book, the chapter level is missing.

Is there a good way to fix this? Remember that I'd like to use the same source files for both the article and the book.

So ideally there would be a way to include the files in such a way that all sections are treated as chapters, all subsections are treated as sections, ...


enter image description here



\section{A section that becomes a chapter}
\subsection{A subsection that becomes a section}
\subsubsection{A subsubsection that becomes a subsection}

  • That was easier than I thought :) Thank you! Mar 18 at 9:43

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