I would like to prepare a current version of ConTeXt on a CD-ROM, so that it can be installed on Debian, in some emergency situation, i.e. when Internet access is unavailable. The typical installation method I have seen is through the Internet only. Debian provides packages, but these are very outdated. Is there a way to download the entire ConTeXt repository to a CD-ROM for later installation?

  • Is there something wrong with using a TeX Live CD?
    – jon
    Jun 6, 2012 at 13:35
  • As I know, TeX Live no longer comes on CDs, but only on DVDs. Also, the version of ConTeXt included with TeX Live is older, and might not work with my files.
    – Village
    Jun 6, 2012 at 13:37

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the script first-setup.sh does a rsync to get the latest ConTeXt version:

rsync -rlptv rsync://contextgarden.net/minimals/setup/$platform/bin .

you can write a new version to your DVD and then modify the install script to use the DVD as repository, eg:

rsync -rlptv rsync:///cdrom/minimals/setup/$platform/bin .

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