I have modified my TOC with \DeclareTOCStyleEntry[beforeskip=.2cm]{section}{section} giving me a nice spacing between my section level entries.

How can I modify the spacing between entries in the LOF and LOT with KOMA-Script? (Or maybe wider the styling of other listof in general?)

I have tried to find it in the documentation but start to fail at understanding wheather KOMA even applies to other listof.

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To modify the List of Figure and List of Tables you can use



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    You could also use \DeclareTOCStyleEntries[Option=Value]{tocline}{figure,table}. If beforeskip should be the same for section, table and figure: \DeclareTOCStyleEntries[beforeskip=.2cm]{tocline}{section,figure,table}. See the document for more information.
    – esdd
    Mar 23, 2021 at 13:33

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