I have this (image of a) pdf fileenter image description here

I've tried several ways to convert it to eps with a tight bounding box. I've tried, among many other things

inkscape in.pdf -D --export-eps=out.eps

and then

epstool --bbox --copy in.eps out.eps

inkscape does a great job of putting a tight bound on the box above, to the left and right of the figure, but fails to remove the whitespace at the bottom, i.e., it produces this

enter image description here

It's hard to see what's really happening because I can't seem to import the actual eps file, but you can see from the images that the except for the bottom, the pic is well cropped.

Could anybody please suggest how to crop the bottom tightly?

Thanks very much


  • just open the file in an editor and change the numbers in the %%BoundingBox line? you just need to change the second of the four numbers (y coordinate of the bottom left corner) Mar 26 at 7:39
  • is that 1 in the first image part of the EPS (if it is that explains the bounding box) Mar 26 at 7:40
  • Agggh, what a dummy, it was indeed the page number at the bottom, as soon as I removed it all was as it should be. I really should have seen that. Thanks!
    – Leo Simon
    Mar 27 at 21:23

You have a page number (1) in your initial image which is enlarging the bounding box.

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