I am writing some documentation for a LaTeX package, in which I am going to be including some example LaTeX code. What is the best way to typeset that code? I know I could just use verbatim, but it would be nice to get syntax highlighting. I realize that this is a duplicate of this question, in which the consensus was to use the listings package. The problem with listings is that it seems to only have a driver for TeX, not LaTeX. For example, when I typeset something like this:

  This is a test!

it results in something like this:

  This is a test!

which is obviously messed up.

Is there a LaTeX-specific driver for listings? If not, is there another package that does syntax highlighting for LaTeX code?

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You need to give the 'sub-language' for TeX:

language = [LaTeX]{TeX}

As you are writing a package, you might also want to use the moretexcs key to add 'new' LaTeX commands. For example, in my siunitx I have very long list:

  moretexcs    = 

to cover all of the new macros it adds, plus ones from other packages that are in the documentation and are not known to listings.


minted uses the pygments interpreter, which understands TeX, so this might be a valid option.

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    The problem with using minted is that this document is going to be distributed as a .dtx and many users won't have minted installed (and will thereby not be able to compile the documentation).
    – ESultanik
    Nov 24, 2010 at 19:02

Just for reference, another solution using the pygments interpreter is texments

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