I'm writing my thesis and have written most of it using revtex4-1. When reviewing my notes, I realized I have to have both a list of figures (lof) and list of tables (lot). I'm still rather new to writing papers, but I feel those should go after the table of contents (toc). When I do this, the section numbers over-ride the section headings, see attached picture. The problem I found is with revtex, as switching to article works. I would like to stay with revtex, I'm just not sure how to solve this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Image of section numbers crowding headings

Minimal working example:

\section{Dummy 1}
\subsection{Dummy 2}
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    (i) you not provide MWE (Minimal Working Example) but just a fragment of code. (ii) inserting your code fragment in document book works as expected, i.e. not produce showed result. (iii) please, extend your code fragment to complete small document, which reproduce your problem. – Zarko Mar 28 at 9:05

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