I have the following illustration in TikZ

\draw[->,thick] (-4,0)--(4  ,0) node[right]{$F_T$};

enter image description here

I would like to add ticks to the axes at the points -4, -3, -2, …, 3, 4. The only labels I want are located at -4 and 4 and should say A at -4 and B at 4.

Is that possible somehow in this example?

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You could do this:

  \draw[->,thick] (-4.3,0)--(4.3,0) node[right]{$F_T$};
  \foreach \i in {-4,-3,...,4} \draw (\i,0)--(\i,.1);
  \node[below] at (-4,0) {$A$};
  \node[below] at (4,0) {$B$};

It will give you this:enter image description here

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