Thanks to the information gathered in this forum I am able to define specific math symbols using a different font than the one I chose (eulervm).

I am trying to apply the same reasoning to obtain an upright calligraphic symbol for L like the one from the font mathpi in addition to the calligraphic L from eulervm, as shown in the picture.

The only workaround I could come up with requires loading the additional package newrxmath, which is of course not a good idea since it clashes with eulervm and causes, for instance, the \sum symbol to disappear. However, without it I have no way to access the character code for the upright calligraphic L. I also tried using mathscr as an alternative, but it produces a very italic symbol that does not match the rest of my formulae.

Any suggestion, especially not involving the change of my base math and text fonts, would be very appreciated!

Minimal "working" example:





$\mathcal{L} , \quad L , \quad \scrL , \quad \sum{t} $


You can load the script font from MathPi with the mathalpha package, using the option scr=mathpi.

MathPi is a commercial font and I don't have it so I can't test an example, but here is one using a less oblique version of Boondox, which is similar to MathPi.

$\mathcal{L} , \quad L , \quad \mathscr{L} , \quad \sum{t} $

To get MathPi in place of Boondox, just replace scr=boondoxo with scr=mathpi and it should work.

  • Very nice answer. – Sebastiano Mar 29 at 20:55
  • This is exactly what I needed, thank you! – AA_ Mar 29 at 21:35

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