I am drawing to draw a diagram in Latex exactly equivalent to this image:

enter image description here

I am having problems with the white spaces. For instance, between "practice" and "management".

How would you code this in LaTeX?

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    Which problems do you have, excatly?
    – Bernard
    Mar 29, 2021 at 20:00

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I would use tikz-package to achieve the desired result.

   \coordinate (a) at (0,0);
   \coordinate (b) at (4,0);
   \coordinate (c) at (2,2);
   \draw (a) -- (b) -- (c) -- (a); % Triangle.
   \draw (2,1) node[anchor=north]{Platform};
   \draw (a) node[anchor=east,align=center] {Case\\ Management};
   \draw (b) node[anchor=west,align=center] {Practice\\ Management};
   \draw (c) node[anchor=south]{Billing};

enter image description here


With use labels for text at coordinates and barycentric coordinates for text inside triangle:


every label/.style = {align=center}
\coordinate[label=left :Case\\ Management] (a) at (0,0);
\coordinate[label=right:Practice\\ Management] (b) at (4,0);
\coordinate[label=above:Billing] (c) at (2,2);
\node at (barycentric cs:a=1 ,b=1 ,c=1) {Platform};
\draw (a) -- (b) -- (c) -- cycle; 

enter image description here

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