Is there a setting I can input to the array environment, which will slightly increase the horizontal spacing between each entry?

I would appreciate it if you could test your code on the following example I am using:

\newcommand{\rpt}[2][1]{% repeat text
   \forloop{loopcntr}{0}{\value{loopcntr}<#1}{#2} } 
\[ \begin{array}{*{5}{c}}
1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & \ldots \\
\rpt[4]{\downarrow &} \unskip \downarrow \\
x_{1}^1 & x_{1}^2 & x_{2}^1 & x_{1}^3 & \ldots \\
\end{array} \]

I want slightly more whitespace between each number, between each arrow, and between each x.



add something like


before the array.

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