Leads to a bug report on the ConTeXt mailing list: [dev-context] bTABLE in header and document give unexpected behavior

When using this code I get a problem with the frame around the header on the last page. It gets the same frame setting as the table.

This is a screenshot of what I would expect to see:

Good Page

And this is what I am seeing:

not so good page

Can someone give me a solution to solve this?

\setupTABLE[frame=on, framecolor=blue, rulethickness=4pt]
\setupTABLE[header][each][background=color, backgroundcolor=blue, color=white]
\setupTABLE[row][odd][background=color, backgroundcolor=gray]
\setupTABLE[row][even][background=color, backgroundcolor=lightgray]
\setupTABLE[row][test][background=color, backgroundcolor=darkgray]
% HeaderStyle -------------------------------------------------------------
    \setupTABLE[c][each][width=0.2\textwidth, align=middle, offset=2mm ]

          \bTD Rev  \eTD \bTD {\ssbfa \getvariable{document}{projectname}} \\ 
                              {\ssbfa \getvariable{document}{documenttitle}}\eTD \bTD some text\eTD        
        \eTR % End of row 1


        \bTR \bTD No. \eTD \bTD[nc=2] Length         \eTD \eTR
        \bTR \bTD     \eTD \bTD{} [m] \eTD \bTD{} [inch] \eTD \eTR
        \bTR[background=color, backgroundcolor=darkgray] \bTD[nc=3] This is a section where I can place this and that \eTD \eTR
        {\bTR \bTD 1.  \eTD \bTD some dummy text.        \eTD \bTD some more dummy text \eTD \eTR}

\placetable[split, none]{}{\getbuffer[table]}

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    Appears to be a bug. Please post a bug report on the ConTeXt mailing list. – Aditya Jun 9 '12 at 11:35
  • ...which is dev-context@ntg.nl, sign up here. (That's for bug reports; for the mailing list with usage discussion, you want ntg-context@ntg.nl site.) – Esteis Jun 9 '12 at 13:24
  • The bug report is here: ntg.nl/pipermail/dev-context/2012/002835.html – Marco Daniel Mar 2 '13 at 22:26

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