I'm trying to build tyscheme, which is a TeX (not LaTeX) document. The README file directs me to run a sequence of commands, the first one is luatex index, which fails as it can't find file tgtermes to \include. A search directs me to the TeX-Gyre fonts, which I do have installed (there is a tgtermes.sty package for LaTeX here).

Local environment is TeXlive on Fedora 33.

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    the tex2page github which is linked from the one you mention contains a tgtermes.tex. But it view of the age of the various files I wouldn't bet on it that this still compiles. Apr 4, 2021 at 16:51

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As Ulrike Fischer comments, there is a tgtermes.texfile in the (referenced) tex2page package (of the same author, so it should work). Installed that one in my home's texmf tree.

Next came plainsection.tex (again from tex2page) and I had to grab miniltx directly from CTAN.

Finally, you need to run mpost numint first, to create the required image.


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