I have the following table I'm trying to recreate: enter image description here

I'm translating the text to English and trying to obtain a similar form, but I'm having a terrible time managing the wild world of LaTeX tables! Here's what I have, or at least the closest I've gotten, which isn't much.



    \multirow{2}{2cm}{\centering\arraybackslash\textsc{RATIO} \newline \footnotesize of the \newline \textsc{\footnotesize radii}.} & 
            \multicolumn{2}{>{\hsize=\dimexpr2\hsize+2\tabcolsep+\arrayrulewidth\relax\centering\arraybackslash}X|}{\textsc{\footnotesize ratio of the thickness of the electric layer on the two spheres,}} & 
                \multirow{2}{2.5cm}{\centering\arraybackslash\textsc{DIFFERENCE \footnotesize between calculation} \footnotesize and \textsc{\footnotesize observation.}} \\
         & \footnotesize according to calculation. & \footnotesize according to experiment. & \\
        a & b & c & d \\
        a & b & c & d \\
        a & b & c & d \\

enter image description here

Well evidently it's not going so well. I need a thicker border line, better vertical spacing of the headers, and the flourish I'm not too concerned about, but it would be a nice addition. So what packages can provide a relatively easy path towards this format? And how can I get closer to the goal, with vertical spacing and all?


A place to start from with a NiceTabular nested inside of a tcolorbox:

enter image description here

                    sharp corners,



     \scshape\footnotesize\Block{2-1}{RATIO \\ \textnormal{of the}\\ radii.} 
    & \scshape\footnotesize\Block{1-2}{ratio of the thickness of the\\ electric layer on the two spheres,} 
    && \scshape\footnotesize\Block{2-1}{DIFFERENCE \\ between \\ calculation  \textnormal{and} \\ observation.} \\
         & \footnotesize according to calculation. & \footnotesize according to experiment. & \\
        a & b & c & d \\
        a & b & c & d \\
        a & b & c & d \\
  • This is much better, thanks. Unfortunately, the MWE isn't compiling on my system, because apparently there's a problem with my nicematrix package. I get several errors such as: "LaTeX error: "xparse/unknown-argument-type" Unknown argument type '!' for the command '\environment NiceMatrix'. For immediate help type H <return>." And then "Environment NiceTabular undefined. \begin{NiceTabular}". I know it's outside the question, but any idea what's going on? My nicematrix is freshly updated as of today, not sure what could be the issue. Apr 6 '21 at 12:29

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