Which package gives this output

output {\b b} {\c c} {\u u}

with this input \b{b} \c{c} \u{u}?

Is there a tabulation of these possibilities that you would point to?

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    there are already defined in latex, and you find them e.g. in encguide.pdf (texdoc encguide). – Ulrike Fischer Apr 9 at 6:24
  • @UlrikeFischer Thanks. This is an answer, please convert to answer. – XavierStuvw Apr 9 at 6:29
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    The syntax should be \b{b} \c{c} \u{u}. If you use the characters in .bib files, though, then it should be {\b{b}} and similarly for the others. – egreg Apr 9 at 6:59

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