The \tllabelcventry macro doesn't work properly, displaying additional date under the time line:

instead it should print only the manually inserted label without the automatic date as stated on page 3 of the documentation:

The question is: how to fix it?

I believe it worked fine just one year ago. I complied the minimal example (below) in Overleaf and on my computer using pdfTeX 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.20 with the same result.

The minimal example:




\tllabelcventry{2002}{2012}{2002-2012 label}{Test}{test}{test}{}{test}


You need to delete the macro \tl@endlabel in the following line of the definition of command \tllabelcventry:

node [tl@endyear] {\tl@endlabel}

With the following MWE (see the code change marked with <=======)



    \fill [#1] (0,0)
      node [tl@startyear] {\tl@startlabel}
      rectangle (\tl@endfraction*\hintscolumnwidth,\tl@width-1pt)
      node [tl@endyear] {} % <========================\tl@endlabel
      (\hintscolumnwidth,0pt) ;
      \shade [left color=#1,right color=#1]
        rectangle (\fullcolorwidth,\tl@width);
      \shade [left color=#1] (\fullcolorwidth,0)
        rectangle (\tl@endfraction*\hintscolumnwidth,\tl@width);
      \fill [#1] (\tl@startfraction*\hintscolumnwidth,0)
        rectangle (\tl@endfraction*\hintscolumnwidth,\tl@width);



\tllabelcventry{2002}{2012}{2002-2012 label}{Test a}{test b}{test c}{}{test e}


you get the following wished result:

resulting pdf

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