I am looking for a way to create a table in LaTeX as shown in the figure below. Some of the design aspects of the table are:

  • The cells containing the numbers must be square (using a normal table command gives me rectangular cells)
  • All text is middle aligned

How do I generate such a table?

Sameple Table


Here's my attempt using TikZ:

\setmainfont{Libertinus Serif}
\draw[very thin, fill=SpringGreen1] (-0.5,-0.5) rectangle +(1,1);
\draw[very thin, fill=SpringGreen1] (0.5,-1.5) rectangle +(1,1);
\draw[very thin] (-0.5,-1.5) rectangle +(1,1);
\draw[very thin] (0.5,-0.5) rectangle +(1,1);
\node at (0,0) {1696\strut};
\node at (1,0) {38\strut};
\node at (0,-1) {30\strut};
\node at (1,-1) {1275\strut};
\node[rotate=90, anchor=west] at (0,0.5) {Sample A};
\node[rotate=90, anchor=west] at (1,0.5) {Sample B};
\node[anchor=east] at (-0.5,0) {Sample A};
\node[anchor=east] at (-0.5,-1) {Sample B};
\node at (0.5,2.4) {Predicted Class};
\node[rotate=90] at (-2.5,-0.5) {Actual Class};

enter image description here

A few notes:

  • The shade of green used can be improved, have a look at what xcolor has to offer.
  • Pretty much everything is placed manually, which is about the level of TikZ skill I currently possess. (But for a small table like this, that strikes me as acceptable.)
  • The \struts are there to ensure that the LHS labels are vertically aligned with the table cell contents.
  • I used Libertinus Serif because it looks similar to the font in your image --- but also because it's just beautiful in general.

EDIT: You may actually want to add \struts to the LHS labels ("Sample A" and "Sample B") as well; I have a feeling the vertical spacing is still very slightly off there.


Another option with matrix library could be:

\documentclass {standalone}
\usepackage    {tikz}

  \matrix(D)[matrix of nodes,nodes in empty cells,
             row sep=-\pgflinewidth,column sep=-\pgflinewidth,
             row 1/.style={minimum height=1cm},
             row 2/.style={minimum height=2cm},
             row 3/.style={minimum height=1cm},
             row 4/.style={minimum height=1cm},
             column 1/.style={minimum width=1cm},
             column 2/.style={minimum width=2cm},
             column 3/.style={minimum width=1cm},
             column 4/.style={minimum width=1cm},
    &  &  & \\
    &  & \rotatebox{90}{Sample A} & \rotatebox{90}{Sample B}\\
    & Sample A & |[draw,fill=green!20]|1696 & |[draw]|38\\
    & Sample B & |[draw]|30 & |[draw,fill=green!20]|1275\\
  \node at ($(D-1-3)!0.5!(D-1-4)$) {Predicted Class};
  \node at ($(D-4-1)!0.5!(D-3-1)$) {\rotatebox{90}{Actual Class}};

enter image description here


With {NiceTabular} of nicematrix.



&         & \Block{1-2}{Predicted Class} \\
&         & \rotate Sample A & \rotate Sample B \\
\Block{2-1}{\rotate Actual Class}%
& Sample A& \Block[hvlines]{2-2}{}\Block[fill=green!15]{}{1696} & 38 \\
& Sample B& 30 & \Block[fill=green!15]{}{1275}\\


You need several compilations (because nicematrix uses PGF/Tikz nodes under the hood).

Output of the above code


You can start from this code:



\newdimen\sqrw \sqrw=3em
\def\sqrcell#1#2{\vbox{\hrule\hbox to\sqrw{\ifx^#1^\else 
   \textcolor{#1}{\vrule width\sqrw depth.35\sqrw height.65\sqrw \kern-\sqrw}\fi 
   \vrule depth.35\sqrw height.65\sqrw \hss#2\hss\kern.4pt}}}
\def\txt#1{\llap{\bf#1 }}


\hbox{\phantom{\bf Sample A }\vbox{\offinterlineskip
   \hbox{\txt{Sample A}\sqrcell{green}{1696}\sqrcell{}{38}\vrule}
   \hbox{\txt{Sample B}\sqrcell{}{30}\sqrcell{}{1275}\vrule}


enter image description here

    \tikzset{myset/.style args = {(#1,#2)}{%
            row #1 column #2/.style={nodes={fill=green!20}}}},
    \tikzset{mysett/.style args = {(#1,#2)}{%
                row #1 column #2/.style={nodes={font=\bfseries}}}}
        \matrix [matrix of nodes]
                    & \rotatebox{90}{\bfseries text} & \rotatebox{90}{\bfseries text} \\
            Sample  & 1000 & 900 \\
            Sample  & 90 & 2000 \\
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    … except for the cells notably being not square … – Ingmar Apr 10 at 6:29

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