In this template, in the file mmayer.tex, line 84--90 we have this line to create small icons:

%   \phone{000-00-0000}
    \mailaddress{Address, Street, 00000 County}
    \location{Sunnyvale, CA}

so \email, \phone, \mailaddress and so on create the small icons I am interested in. Is there are a list of them all?

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    The source file has the comment: “AltaCV uses the fontawesome5 and academicon fonts and packages.” – Davislor Apr 10 at 11:52

A list of the icons is in the documentation of the academicons and fontawesome5 packages; see their CTAN pages: academicons, fontawesome5.

If, OTOH, you're after a list of fields that altacv supports, the best resource I've been able to find quickly is the document class file itself, on Github, which has


suggesting that you can use all those fields (email, ..., location). It also suggests a way of adding additional fields in case you happen to be on other platforms that are relevant for your CV.

  • I don't understand, is there a list of other icons of the same type? I knew about \fanameoftheicon, but they are different. I men something from the same package – Noob_Latex Apr 10 at 12:19
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    I'm not sure what you mean. academicons.pdf section 2.1 and fontawesome5.pdf pp. 3--39 have full lists of the icons those packages contain. What else do you need? – chsk Apr 10 at 12:34
  • for example, here is the list of the icons used in that CV,:\email, \phone \mailaddress, \location{Sunnyvale, CA} \homepage \twitter \linkedin. Now, if I add for example another icon, \aiCoursera, it doesn't appear anything – Noob_Latex Apr 10 at 14:37

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