Im trying to include an image as xy-plane on z=0. See mwe.

ymax is supposed to be 1500. But when I change ymax to 1500, the domain, (axis cs:7.5,75,0) coordinate (P) to (axis cs:7.5,750,0) coordinate (P) and [width = 15cm, height = 150cm] to [width = 15cm, height = 1500cm], I get the error, that the dimension is too large.

Is there a solution, so I dont have to write time/10 as ylabel?

The method of including the image is based on this question.




         enlargelimits = false,     
         xmin = 0,
         xmax = 15,
         ymin = 0,
         ymax = 150, % ymax should be 1500
         restrict x to domain*=0:15,
         restrict y to domain*=0:150, % see above
         zmin = -300,
         zmax = 0,
         ylabel = {Time / 10},
         xlabel = {x},
         zlabel = {},
         \path (axis cs:0,0,0) coordinate (O) (axis cs:1,0,0) coordinate (X)  
          (axis cs:0,1,0) coordinate (Y) (axis cs:0,0,1) coordinate (Z)
          (axis cs:7.5,75,0) coordinate (P)  
             canvas is xy plane at z=0,transform shape]
          (P) node{\includegraphics[width = 15cm, height = 150cm]{example-image-a}};



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