So, I am writing a report which contains graphs, graphs are with a huge amount of data points. one graph only could contain more than 32,000 points, and I am using tikzpicture and adding coordinates to the plot. overleaf gives me timeout each time, even though I have a premium account, what can I do. is there a way to separate the graphs alone to be compiled separately, so I can finish my report.

Thank you for concerning, and helping :)


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Do you have a Minimum Working Example (MWE)? I do all my graphs separately, and then add them as pdf's with \includegraphics, so I can play with the details separately, and then not have to re-do (and possibly munge) them.

I'm assuming you're using pgfplots, but a small example would help us help. (and from experience, help you by isolating the specific issue...)

OK, you might also search for "tikz externalize", which might get you past your current issue, but has it's own issues.



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