I am using some of my LaTeX files in multiple documents. And thus in some documents my references will be defined and in others not. I would like to have a way to make \ref degrade gracefully.

Thus (many years back) I made a package sref.sty that allowed references of the form

as shown \sref[pre=in,fallback=above]{thm.foo}.'

pdflatex formats this to "as shown in Theorem 3.2.1." if a \label{thm.foo} was in the document and to "as shown above." else.

BUT the qualified references "Theorem 3.2.1" is (much better) covered in the cleveref package, and I am thinking of re-implementing sref.sty using cleveref.sty. Or alternatively making an extension to cleveref.sty with the functionality above. Or I may be unaware of an existing implementation of what I need that could be used directly.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


As a naive approach maybe you can use sref but 'outsource' the non-fallback referencing to cleveref. Something like:


    \ifx\@fallback\@empty% warn about undefined links and show a substitute
      \protect\G@refundefinedtrue\PackageWarning{sref}{reference #2 undefined}%
      \protect\G@refundefinedtrue\PackageWarning{sref}{using fallback for undefined reference #2}%
    #4 \cref{#2}%

\section{A section}

\centering\fbox{A figure}
\caption{with caption}

\fbox{A table}
\centering\caption{with caption}

As shown \sref[pre=in,fallback=nowhere]{fig}, see also\sref{tab}\sref[pre=in]{sec}.\\
As shown \sref[pre=in,fallback=nowhere]{fig2}, see also\sref{tab}\sref[pre=in]{sec}.


enter image description here


You can exploit that \getrefnumber{<label>} expands to a string that can be customized when the <label> does not exist.

The default string is 0, which might be safe enough, but here I use a different one that's unlikely to appear as a cross-reference.




  \keys_set:nn { kohlhase/sref } { #1 }
  \str_if_eq:eeTF { \getrefnumber{#2} } { DNE }
   {% no ref
   {% call \cref
    \l__kohlhase_sref_pre_tl \c_space_tl \cref{#2}

\keys_define:nn { kohlhase/sref }
  pre      .tl_set:N = \l__kohlhase_sref_pre_tl,
  fallback .tl_set:N = \l__kohlhase_sref_fallback_tl,





As shown \sref[pre=in,fallback=above]{existent}

As shown \sref[pre=in,fallback=above]{nonexistent}


enter image description here

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