I have a supervisor who is uncomfortable with LaTeX and wants a Word document. It is a sizeable document with many cross referencing between sections and chapters. I used pandoc to make the conversion.

My code is: pandoc Compiled.tex -o output.odt --bibliography MyLibrary.bib

I have the following problems:

  1. The section numbers are lost.
  2. Many tables are empty because the numbers were written using siunitx package. For example \num{2.12(12)e-16}. In fact, it doesn't play well with siunitx at all when numbers and units are written with it.
  3. The superscripts and plus/minus signs are off. It inconsistently tanslates things in math mode between $ $ either as an image or writes text with the $ signs at both ends.
  4. Figure/table references isn't shown properly. Instead of saying Table 1.2.1, it says Table [Tab:Cell culture].
  5. Things written in \textit{} are all lost.

I know this list seems long, but I feel there must be a couple of simple tricks or commands I'm missing to get this right.

I use pdflatex, Linux Mint 20 and biber 2.14 (beta). My frontend is TexMaker although I don't think it really matters here (does it?)

  • Open Compiled.pdf with ms word (using 2013) instead of using pandoc. – Simon Dispa Apr 18 at 14:49
  • Don't have a Windows system. Tried telling this to my supervisor, but not very happy about this. – Miloop Apr 18 at 15:27
  • If the use case is that your supervisor wants to add comments, highlighting etc. to the text then maybe sending compiled.pdf and asking your supervisor to use a pdf viewer that supports making annotations would be an option. – Marijn Apr 18 at 15:50
  • Try the free service adobe.com/acrobat/online/pdf-to-word.html – Simon Dispa Apr 18 at 18:29
  • Aside that some specific problems could have some solution (use \emph instead \textit, for instance) export LaTeX to something will always produce problems as soon as you go over most basic commands. If you can survive with basic LaTeX (without sinutix, for instance), write in markdown and export to LaTeX, HTML or ODT as needed. – Fran Apr 19 at 8:40

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