How can I draw a label at the center of a triangle without drawing the triangle itself?

I don't want the drawing of the triangle to interfere with other drawing elements, so I only want the label.

  • Depends on what you call the center of a triangle. If it's the isobarycenter, so Ignasi's answer is the best (and the shorter). If you want to display other centers, you should use tikz-euclide library which allows you to find all kind of centers in a triangle.
    – SebGlav
    Apr 19 '21 at 15:28

Like this?

\draw (0,0) coordinate[label=A] (A) circle (2pt);
\draw (2,5) coordinate[label=B] (B) circle (2pt);
\draw (4,2) coordinate[label=C] (C) circle (2pt);
\node at (barycentric cs:A=1,B=1,C=1) {D};

enter image description here

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