I'm using LateXml for the first time and I can't get the conversion.

There are some details I must comment first:

  1. I use TexLive 2019 in linux.

  2. I'm using a .cls file in which the documentclass is defined. This is a customized one.

  3. To compile the latex files I use pdflatex and I get a .pdf file but not a .dvi one.

  4. On LateXML I type the following command

    latexml --includestyles --destination=../myDirectory/myfile.xml myfile.tex

When I compile I get this warning first:

Warning:missing_file:MYCLASSFILE Can't find binding for class MYCLASS (using OmniBus)
    at /home/...../file.tex; line 8 col 11
    Anticipate undefined macros or environments

After this a plenty of errors follows, like:

The token ... is not defined

The last error is a fatal one:

Fatal:misdefined:LaTeXML::Package::Pool::__ANON__ Can't locate method 'isRegister' via 'missing'

I don't know what exactly is a binding in LateXml's jargon but, by reading some sites, I begin to think that it could be necessary to write a customized binding for a customized class file. Is this true? Is there any other option?

I wouldn't like to have to write a binding because I have not much experience using neither TeX nor Perl. But I will really appreciate any help or hint.

  • If the documentclass is based on one of the supported classes (which is often the case, look for a \LoadClass statement in the .cls file) then you could try providing the binding to this base class to LaTeXML using the --preload option.
    – Marijn
    Apr 21, 2021 at 11:51

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Indeed, latexml will need help to interpret a custom .cls file that it doesn't have a .cls.ltxml binding for yet. On the hopeful side, some of our bindings are quite small, especially in cases where the custom class file is derived from a supported standard one, and has just a few changed macros.

You would need to do some extra rearrangements to make your document work without entering the land of Perl, ideally switching over to a supported class and copying over any definitions you'd like interpreted directly. While we would like to be able to natively interpret any custom .cls file, that is not something latexml is automatically capable of yet.

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