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Make mathfont respect the surrounding family

I have text in slanted, but I would like to get the math symbols in between also in slanted. (To be precise, with the 'slanted' I'm talking about here I mean \textsl{...}.)

So how can I accomplish this?

In fact I would want a command that makes ordinary takes as well as math symbols slanted.

To be concrete: now I have something like

\textsl{If} $x^2 > 0$, \textsl{then} $x \neq 0$

which I do not entirely like as my mathematical symbols are not in slanted.

But ideally I'd like a command, call it \allsl perhaps, so that if I would write

 \allsl{If $x^2 > 0$, then $x \neq 0$}

then every symbol of this line (both letters as well as mathematical symbols) would be in slanted.

The question is thus: how can I define such a command which accomplishes this?



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