I try to use unicode characters in tex source:




The universal quantifier does not typeset with xelatex.

pdflatex says

! Package inputenc Error: Unicode char ∀ (U+2200)
(inputenc)                not set up for use with LaTeX.

What else should I use to typeset a universal quantifier given as a Unicode character?

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    You'll probably need to use a font that supports it. – daleif Apr 22 at 9:05
  • LuaTeX seems to have a good support for a lot of fonts. I never play with it. – projetmbc Apr 22 at 9:36
  • the help text for the pdftex error does tell you the command to use to define it (as in Ulrike's answer) – David Carlisle Apr 22 at 17:53

You need to declare it, by default pdflatex supports only a subset.






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