I'm using pdflatex and MiKTeX to generate a report, with install packages on-the-fly turned on.

I've used a new package (hyperref) in it, but ever since it fails to compile. The message i get is: File `<packagename_x>.sty' not found. ..., When I compile, it installs <packagename_x>.sty, but crashes at a different package <packagename_y>.sty which hasn't been installed yet. Then, if I compile again, it installs <packagename_y>.sty, but crashes at <packagename_z>.sty. And on and on it goes...

Does anyone seem to know what the problem is?

Thank you very much for you help!

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    well it is as it is. It will stop when you have all packages. But I would simply install every package directly, if you have the disc space. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 23 at 10:35
  • @UlrikeFischer - How would I go about doing that? I don't know which packages are needed in advance. Is that something I can find in the documentation of hyperref? – Pieter Fleurinck Apr 23 at 10:37
  • Go to the miktex console to the package tab, select everything uninstalled, click on install and get some coffee ... – Ulrike Fischer Apr 23 at 10:42
  • Alright, I'll do that. Just seems weird to me that MiKTex doesn't install dependables automatically. Thank you, @UlrikeFischer! – Pieter Fleurinck Apr 23 at 10:45
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    dependencies are complicated in latex, miktex can't maintain list of packages other packages need, so on-the-fly works one by one. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 23 at 10:46

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