I created a MWE that shows my problem


\firstname{My} % Your first name
\familyname{Name} % Your last name

\homepage{www.somewebsite.com}{www.somewebsite.com} % <-- A

% \homepage{www.somewebsite.com}{www.somewebsite.com} % <-- B

If I compile this MWE, I receive the following error:

LaTeX Error: Missing \begin{document}. [\homepage{www.somewebsite.com}{w]

If, on the other hand I comment line A but uncomment line B then it works (by working I mean the website appears on the header) but the text also appears in the main document as shown in the following picture

enter image description here

I am on macOS, using tlmgr I confirmed that moderncv is updated to version 2.1 (which seems to be the latest).

Is this a bug on moderncv (I find it unlikely) or is this a problem of my installation? If so, how can I go and chase where the problem is?


\homepage, like \email takes a single argument. Since you've provided two, the latter is considered content that should be set within the document. Since it occurs before \begin{document}, LaTeX throws an error.

In short, just use \homepage{<website>}.

  • Makes total sense, I'm confused on why I was passing two arguments... maybe a previous version of moderncv had a 2 argument \homepage and that's why my template had two – gota Apr 23 at 18:08

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