I was trying to create tags for both the optimization problem and individual constraints within it. Below is an example. Is this possible in LaTex?

    \max_{x,y} & f(x,y) \\
    s.t.  & x+y \leq 5 \tag{constraint1} \\
    & x+2y \geq 10 \tag{constraint2}

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Another solution, with the mini! environment from the optidef package, which is dedicated to the formatting of optimisation problems:



        {(x, y)}{f(x, y) \tag{P1}\label{P1}}
        \addConstraint{x + y}{\leq 6\tag{constraint 1}}
        \addConstraint{x + 2y}{\geq 10\tag{constraint 2}}


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You could try with this not elegant suggestion:




    \max_{x,y} & \quad f(x,y) \tag{P1}\\
    s.t.  & \quad x+y \leq 5  \tag{constraint 1}\\
          & \quad x+2y \geq 10 \tag{constraint 2}


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