I need to stack a large number of expressions below a sum sign. Using \substack and \vdots as in the code below
\sum_{\substack{a_1 \in A_1\\ \vdots \\ a_k \in A_k}}
gives a pretty awful result, as the vertical dots are much closer to the bottom line than to the top one.
Is there a way to center the dots between the two lines? I tried to use \mathstrut to increase a little bit the spacing between the dots and the bottom line, but the increase is too small and apparently it does not stack up when repeating the command.


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You may want smaller and less spaced dots. Here's a way, which mimicks the definition of \vdots.


  \vbox{\fontsize{\sf@size}{\sf@size pt}\linespread{0.3}\selectfont


\sum_{\substack{a_1  \in  A_1\\ \svdots  \\  a_k  \in A_k}}


enter image description here

  • It actually looks even better. Grazie, leggenda! Apr 28, 2021 at 20:38

You can fine-tune vertical spacing after \\ with \\[...] like:

\sum_{\substack{a_1  \in  A_1\\[-4pt] \vdots  \\[2pt]  a_k  \in A_k}}

Result: enter image description here

  • Wow, thank you very much! Apr 27, 2021 at 15:26

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