In order to count easily words in a text, i'd like to display for each word its "number",

Context : I'm teaching my students to copy a text and to evaluate them I count how many words they successfully copied.

It's not necessary that the counting is done automatically, I'm using the same text,

This is what I've tried for now :

\newcommand{\wordcount}[2]{\stackunder{\text{#1}}{\scriptstyle \text{#2}}}
\wordcount{{\fontsize{14}{11}\selectfont XII}}{7}

Which give this result :

Some text with number under each word

My problem are multiple :

  • The code is "heavy" I have a long text, ideally I'd like a simple command...
  • It's in math mode
  • Spacing is a nightmare (the 6 and 7 are higher than the 5 and no space between words)...

Any help is appreciated (sorry for any mistake, french here),

Thanks !

  • Also, please provide a complete example that compiles, beginning with \documentclass. Also, no undefined macros like \ieme. You can edit your existing question. Welcome to the site. Apr 29, 2021 at 23:54
  • To get rid of the uneven vertical positioning, \renewcommand\stacktype{L}. Then you can adjust the baselineskip with \setstackgap{L}{<dimen>}. Apr 29, 2021 at 23:57
  • Thanks for the comments, edit done !
    – Jielpe
    May 1, 2021 at 7:10

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This should hopefully be more painless than what you were using.

  \wordcountaux#2 \relax}
\def\wordcountaux#1 #2\relax{%
  \stackunder{#1}{\scriptsize\thewordcnt}\ %
y = mx + b\quad\wordcount[4]{Jusqu' au \fontsize{14}{11}\selectfont 
  XII\ieme{} siècle}
E= mc^2\quad\wordcount{Count picks up by default}

enter image description here

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