How can I increase word spacing? Preferably, I’d like them to be of a constant size, as I need it to improve legibility in uppercase titles (when increasing the kerning, the words are too close together).

The only way I managed to do it [2] [3] was with \spaceskip, but that doesn’t work with nonbreaking spaces.

\setuppapersize [S6]


  \setupalign[flushleft, nothyphenated, verytolerant]  

  \spaceskip .5em

  This is an~example.


rendered output


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ConTeXt, unlike LaTeX and plain TeX, defines ~ as a Unicode non-breaking space (U+00A0) with catcode 12 ("other"), so you shouldn't be surprised it's not being treated as a space in the TeX sense. Instead you need \nonbreakablespace and, if this last command is to uncomfortable to write you may even do the following (better with grouping not to mess up things elsewhere):


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